2016 Philanthropy Report

We are committed to building better healthcare at St Vincent’s Hospitals and Facilities in New South Wales. In our 2016 Philanthropy Report, we show how your donations are helping make a difference to patient care at St Vincent’s Hospitals.

Thanks to the $27.5 million in gifts and donations we received in the 2015/16 year we were about to build new hospitals, provide more hospital beds and deliver pioneering medical procedures.  We were able to grow our key areas of healthcare through the Heart Lung Innovation Fund, the HIV Future Fund and the Fundamental to our Future Fund! These are just some of our many special projects and priorities that are outlined in this report.

And incredible support from you, our donors, has made it possible for us to exceed our goals in the last year. We could not have achieved the milestones mentioned in the report without your generosity. We are truly humbled by your continued support, so thank you to all who have supported St Vincent’s.  You can read a full list of our supporters in the annual report by clicking on the link below.

Read on and see how your donations have helped build better healthcare at St Vincent’s!

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