2017/18 Endowment Grants

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have been able to award $1.2 million in Endowment Grants to St Vincent’s Hospitals and Facilities!

These grants provide funding for urgent equipment purchases, innovative medical research projects and ongoing clinical education to ensure St Vincent’s Hospitals can continue to provide the very best care to our patients.

The full list of our 2017/18 Endowment Grants are below:

Endowment Grants to St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney

Mrs Cesare Aguilar, Nurse Manager, Day Procedure Centre received a total of $35,387.46 for a TV flat screen for the discharge area in Day Procedure Centre ($495); and an ice machine and patient monitors in Recovery 2 used in monitoring patients’ blood pressure, oxygen status, heart rate and pulse rate following surgery ($34,892.46).

Mrs Melissa Armstrong, Manager Nutrition and Dietetic Services, Nutrition and Dietetic Services received $1,179.86 to commence use of iPads on the ward to improve and enhance the patient learning experience.

Ms Helen Brake, Speech Pathology Manaer, Speech Pathology received $3,804.00 for six iPads to support the delivery of speech pathology services and to improve quality of care to inpatients.

Ms Mary-Therese Butler, Nurse Manager Perioperative Services, Operating Theatres received $49,956.23 for surgical headlights.

Ms Gemma Byrnes, Nursing Unit Manager Xavier 8 South, Xavier 8 South received $13,973.29 for three new observation machines.

Dr Jane Carland, Senior Hospital Scientist, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology received $35,000.00 for examination of the metabolic profile of heart failure patients during treatment with metformin, a cardioprotective drug used to treat diabetes.

Miss Jayne Church, Podiatrist, received $2,160.00 for masks and an air purifier to remove dust and allergens from the air after the use of nail drills.

Ms Elise Crothers, Physiotherapist, received $15,000.00 for the use of bedside ultrasound to assess diaphragm function after lung transplant  (‘LUST’: Lung Ultrasound Study).

Miss Lauren Culbert, Nurse Manager, Nurse Education & Development Centre received $20,098.67 for ten iPads and ten notebook laptops, and a lockable mobile storage and charging cart required for mandatory training requirements for staff across SVHNS.

Ms Sharon Curry, Nursing Unit Manager, Coronary Care Unit Xavier 10 North received $59,086.32 for mobile Vital Signs Observation Machines for taking pulse rate,  ten blood pressure and oxygen saturation with stands, patient/visitors chairs with armrests x 24, and medical Treatment Chairs to provide  treatment to patients.

Mr Andrew Dinale, Senior Clinical Perfusionist, Cardiothoracic Surgery received $53,134.00 for CDI blood parameter devices for use during heart surgery.

Mrs Elizabeth Endean, Aged Care Clinical Nurse Consultant, Department of Geriatrics Xavier 9 North received $10,000.00 for The Music and Memory Program for Acute Aged Care ward patients.

Associate Professor Nadine Ezard, Senior Staff Specialist, Alcohol & Drug Service received $45,000.00 for examination of the safety and efficacy of lisdexamfetamine in the treatment of adults with severe methamphetamine (MA) dependence.

Mr Cameron French, Manager, Tierney House received $20,000.00 for purchase of new items of clothing that can be offered to residents on admission to Tierney House.

Miss Nicola Hardingham, Speech Pathologist received a total of $2,986.60 for LED Headlights for use by speech pathologists whilst carryout out procedures with Laryngectomy patients ($1,795), and eWriters for use by inpatients who have undergone a Laryngectomy ($1,191.60).

Miss Leigh Hobday, Physiotherapist, X7N received $13,617.50 for specialist chairs available for patient care and rehabilitation on X7N.

Ms Nicola Jackson, Clinical Nurse Consultant, X7N received $4,960.12 for a replacement ice dispensing machine for Ward X7N.

Mr Peter Jones, Nurse Manager, Nurse Education & Development Centre received $8,145.25 for six automated external defibrillator trainers and four CPR manikins required for mandatory basic life support assessment training across SVHNS.

Mrs Candi Madziar, Nurse Manager Chronic and Complex Community Services, Chronic Care received $4,695.00 for funding of a Chronic Respiratory COPD Nurse (Clinical Nurse Specialist 2 position) that attends to community based clients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and associated chronic health comorbidities.

Ms Tess Mallos, Manual Handling Coordinator, Work Health & Safety received $13,500.00 for production of a series of professional short video clips that show the use of key manual handling equipment used in clinical areas.

Miss Kate McLeay, Hospital in the Home Nurse Practitioner, Hospital in the Home received $4,677.67 for new portable equipment to provide the best possible care and outcomes for patients that are admitted to Hospital in the Home (HITH).

Mr Noah Mitchell, Physiotherapy Manager received $30,284.00 for a range of exercise equipment for the Physiotherapy Gym.

Mr Robert Morris, Transport and Fleet Manager, Transport received $42,000.00 for three electric Ferno or Stryker brand stretchers as replacements for existing outdated electric stretchers.

Ms Satomi Ohoshi, Acting Nurse Unit Manager, Xavier 7 North received $17,640.00 for a bladder scanner for Ward X7N, for its unique cohort of neuroscience and pre-post-operative vascular patients.

Dr Gregory O’Sullivan, Director of Anaesthetics, Anaesthetics received $30,679.00 for a CMAC Laryngoscope.

Mrs Judy Rough, Senior Speech Pathologist, Speech Pathology Department received $39,528.44 for five Olympus videoscopes to complete the equipment required for accurate diagnosis of voice disorders.

Dr Sophie Stocker, Senior Hospital Scientist, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology received $30,000.00 for investigation of the ability of Bayesian dose individualisation software to take information from single blood samples and personalise tacrolimus therapy in lung transplant patients.

Miss Sarah Sweeney, Mobile Rehabilitation Team Senior Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy/ Mobile Rehab Team received $11,418.00 for the Motomed, a leg and arm/upper body trainer for patients who are severely deconditioned with no movement in their legs/arms.

Mrs Joanne Taylor, Nurse Manager, Diabetes Service received $6,635.00 for equipment required to treat patients with type 1 diabetes (T1DM).

Associate Professor Alexandeer Viardot, Staff Specialist, Department of Endocrinology received $40,000.00 for study of the safety and effectiveness of the long-acting gut hormone analogue Bydureon® on patients with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS).

Ms Janice Velasco, Nurse Unit Manager, General Ambulatory Care received a total of $41,096.38 for the following equipment to improve patient care:  ENT Flexible scopes/BP Monitoring ($35,000) and recliner chairs ($6,096.38).

Dr Kathy Wu, Staff Specialist, Clinical Genomics Unit received $68,000.00 for employment of a genetic counsellor or research nurse to assist in the clinical evaluation and provision of genetic results obtained in nearly 40 families with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) ($58,000), and implementation of genomic mainstreaming through providing targeted/tailored treatment based on one’s genomic profile, using Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY) as a disease model for implementation ($10,000).

Mr Geoff Yates, Nursing Unit Manager, Xavier 8 North received $37,859.00 for vital patient monitoring equipment for Ward X8N, including a bladder scanner, an extra observation machine and an ECG machine.

Endowment Grants to St Vincent’s Private Community Hospital Griffith

Mrs Gabrielle Wood, Perioperative Services Manager, received a total of $25,934.91 for a high flow Oxygen delivery system, a Ophthalmic bed to improve patient flow and manual handling procedures for staff ($13,349.52); and a portable headlight and light source to assist surgeons in performing certain surgeries ($12,585.39).

Endowment Grants to The Sacred Heart Health Service

 Dr Davinia Seah, Staff Specialist, Palliative Care received $10,000 for a project on understanding spiritual encounters and requirements of patients with an incurable, serious illness and their caregivers.

Endowment Grants to St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney

Mrs Kate Cohen, Clinical Nurse Educator, Intensive Care Unit received $6,021.00 for the Airvo 2 system.

Ms Samantha Krupp, Clinical Dietitiaqn – Lead, Nutriton and Dietetics received $18,302.90 for investigation and identification of how many patients are not being identified as malnourished in St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney (SVPHS).

Fr Darryl Mackie, Chaplain / Mission Integration Manager, Mission received $57,000.00 to upgrade the Chapel to reflect the needs of current and future patients, and visitors and staff.

Miss Anita Maitra, Nurse Educator, Nurse Education received $25,000.00 for replacement of Laptop computers that are used for mandatory training education.

Professor Kim Walker, Senior Healthcare Improvement Researcher, Nursing received $41,024.00 for knowledge translation research to ensure that patients at-risk of delirium are identified promptly and receive preventive strategies; and that those diagnosed with delirium receive optimal treatment to reduce its duration and severity.

Mrs Rosemary Sadowskyj, Surgical Services Manager, Surgical Services received $94,000.00 for an Arthrex Synergy Ultra High Definition Surgical Video System to enable surgeons to undertake minimally invasive procedures in the Surgical Services using the latest 4K technology.

Endowment Grants to St Joseph’s Hospital

 Mrs Dora Alessi, Nurse Manager, Education received $1,496.00 for eight ergonomic office chairs for training facility.

Mrs Cassandra Bartley, Occupational Therapy Head of Department, Department of Allied Health received a total of $18,775.95 for the following equipment:

  • Patient wheelchair replacement with upgraded tyres ($6,886.50)
  • The Armon Edero Arm Support ($3,484)
  • Replacement of bariatric wheelchair and cushions ($7,068.40)
  • Improvement to the ambience in the OT Physical Treatment room with the installation of a nature scene depicted on wallpaper ($1,337.05).

Ms Joyce Baye, Nurse Unit Manager, Palliative Care Unit received $3,182.47 for a  vital signs monitoring machine.

Mr Glenn Harvey, Nurse Unit Manager, Aged Care Assessment and Rehabilitation received a total of $8,731.37 for a Vital Signs monitoring work station ($3,182.47) and one Hi Low Electric bed with crash mat and CPR release ($5,548.90).

Ms Elizabeth Taylor, Physiotherapy Head of Department, Allied Health received $3,426.00 for maxi move lifter accessories: hoist attachment and walking harness.

Ms Karen Wallace, Clinical Neuropsychology Head of Department, Allied Health received $7,614.00 for new Q-Interactive computerised neuropsychological assessment devices (CNADs).

Mrs Vicki Ward, Nurse Unit Manager, Aged Care Psychiatry Unit received $18,000.00 for custom made patient sofas and chairs.


These grants have been made possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Please donate today to allow us to keep delivering the best patient care.