2018 Endowment Grants

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have been able to award $1.37 million in Endowment Grants to St Vincent’s Hospitals and Facilities!

These grants provide funding for urgent equipment purchases, innovative medical research projects and ongoing clinical education to ensure St Vincent’s Hospitals can continue to provide the very best care to our patients.

The full list of our 2018/19 Endowment Grants are below:


St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney

Mr Anthony Akle, Acting Chief Radiographer, Medical Imaging received $11,000.00 to improve the patient experience in the Medical Imaging Department by redesigning the outpatient waiting room.

Dr Mark Benzimra, Staff Specialist, Thoracic Medicine received $83,900.00 for a Nd-YAG laser for bronchoscopic laser therapy – an immediate-acting, palliative, or adjunctive therapy used to relieve central airway obstruction due to malignant or benign conditions.

Mrs  Kimberley Bostock, Dietitian, Nutrition Services received $695.00 for a dynamometer to measure handgrip strength, which has been validated in nutritional studies as an objective method of assessing and monitoring nutritional status.

A/Prof David Burke, Senior Staff Specialist, Director Psychogeriatrics, Older People’s Mental Health service received $15,000.00 for publication of a second edition of ‘The St Vincent’s Hospital Handbook of Clinical Psychogeriatrics’, with revised and updated chapters, 6 additional chapters and 7 additional authors.

Ms Margaret Butler, Nurse Educator, Perioperative Services/Anaesthetic Department received $15,000.00 for refurbishment of the Anaesthetic Seminar Room including audio-visual equipment to make the room more functional.

Ms Gemma Byrnes, Nursing Unit Manager, Xavier 8 South received $17,963.00 for a bladder scanner for the team in Ward Xavier 8 South.

Ms Nancy Capuno, Acting Nursing Unit Manager, Palliative Care received $8,308.00 for four Proxi-Mate bed sensor systems which provide early detection of patient movement, for the Palliative Care Unit, to reduce the number of falls and improve patient outcomes.

Ms Jayne Church, Podiatrist, Podiatry Department received $3,069.00 for a DermaTemp – a high precision hand-held infrared thermographic scanner designed to measure variation in skin temperature, for daily use by the podiatry department to check diabetic foot wounds.

The ICU Department received $50,000.00 for the Jarry Fund.

Mr Andrew Dinale, Senior Clinical Perfusionist, Cardiothoracic Surgery Perfusion received $5,840.00 for five ipad devices for the use by the Perfusionists for data collection during Cardiopulmonary Bypass (CPB) run.

Mr Michael Hagarty and Mr Ian Ainsworth, After Hours Nurse Managers, Nursing Workforce and Resource Unit received $100,000.00 for an Automated Medication Dispensing System to replace the need for an After Hours Pharmacy and the prolonged use of and After Hours Nurse Manager.

A/Prof Cameron Holloway, Cardiologist, Cardiology Department received $50,000.00 funding for a researcher to use prolonged monitoring, with the Samsung S-Patch, on patients at St Vincent’s who are at risk of heart rhythm disorders.

Mr Peter Jones, Nurse Educator, Nurse Education & Development Centre received $90,118.75 for conversion of an existing space into a control room for simulation teaching in the Australian Catholic University and St Vincent’s Hospital Clinical School.

Dr Anthony Joshua, Medical Oncologist, Head of Medical Oncology, Medical Oncology received $45,000.00 for research on metastatic prostate cancer (PC), to test the genes in men that have undergone treatments at St. Vincent’s to determine if certain gene abnormalities are more likely to benefit from various new treatments.

Ms Raelene Kennedy, Nursing Unit Manager, Xavier 10 South received $16,800.00 for six vital signs monitors with stands.

Professor Peter Macdonald, Staff Specialist, Cardiology Department received $51,000.00 for a portable echocardiogram machine that is used to provide a non-invasive cardiac imaging service for aboriginal patients from Condobolin and the surrounding rural community in central NSW.

Ms Gabrielle McLoughlin, Wound Clinical Nurse Consultant, Surgical, Xavier 7 South received $1,387.10 for a Seymour Wound Care Model for staff and patient education.

Ms Penny Morris, Acting Nurse Manager, Diabetes Service received $3,500.00 for a Type 1 Diabetes Patient Education Program (DAFNE) Nurse Education Training Grant.

Dr Michelle Moyle, Director, Department of Anaesthetics received a total of $89,000.00 for twenty Fresenius Kabi Injectomat Agilia pumps for administration of anaesthetic infusions via syringe drivers ($62,000.00) and a TIRO Monitor for an anaesthetic machine, for use on anaesthetising patients in locations other than the operating theatres, and also as a backup failure machine ($27,000.00).

Dr George Ntoumenopoulos, Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy Department received $28,890.00 for research comparing Lung Ultrasound (LUS) to standard clinical assessment to evaluate the impact of chest physiotherapy treatments and the impact on medical decision making for the mechanically ventilated intensive care patient.

Ms Jenny O’Mahony, Manager Innovation and Service Development, Clinical Governance received $6,698.80 for ten IPads for recording Patient-Reported Outcome Measures.

Mr Bob (Robert) Morris, Transport and Fleet Manager, Transport received $56,594.00 for two Stryker Brand stretchers as replacement of existing outdated stretches.

Mr Darrin Penola, Respiratory Clinical Nurse Consultant, Thoracic Medicine received $16,100.00 for seven spirometers to assess how well patient lungs work by measuring how much air can be inhaled and exhaled, and how quickly they can exhale.

Mr Majid Shahi, Project Co-Ordinator, Outpatients Department received $10,985.26 twenty-six Logitech Webcams and desktop monitors to enhance the capability of the Outpatients Department to provide telehealth services and conduct remote video consultations.

Ms Anne Tanner, Senior Inpatient Rehabilitation Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Physiotherapy received $51,282.00 for a LiteGait body weight support machine which supports a patient’s weight via a harness connected to an overhead support system, used to allow patients with moderate to severe disability to commence an early mobilisation program in a safe environment.

Mr Andrew Wood, Physiotherapist, Flexicare received $624.00 for two “Quickscreen” toolkits – a compact, transportable tool-kit designed to assist clinicians carrying out holistic, multi-factorial fall risk assessments.

Dr Kathy Wu, Staff Specialist, Clinical Genomics Unit received $99,860.00 for funding of a Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY) genomic mainstreaming project.

Mr Mark Young, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Vascular Access, Acute Pain and Parentral Nutrition, received $2,007.81 for two synthetic gel vein block models that simulate human vein anatomy so clinicians can practice locating and identifying veins in order to accurately insert needles through the skin.

Dr Brian Yuen, Nuclear Medicine received $100,000.00 for a prospective evaluation of the ability of prostate-specific membrane antigen positron emission tomography (PSMA PET) to reduce unnecessary prostate biopsies in men at risk of prostate cancer.


St Vincent’s Private Community Hospital Griffith

Fr Darryl Mackie, Mission Integration Manager, received a total of $32,109.00 for the purchase and installation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags and flag poles to show St Vincent’s facilities are culturally safe for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples ($2,109.00), and funding for all services related to palliative care to be up-skilled through course-work, on the job training and spending time with palliative care teams ($30,000.00).


St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney

Dr Campbell Brown, Anaesthetist, Anaesthetics Department received $100,000.00 for continuous remote monitoring system for post-operative patients measuring respiratory function and oxygenation.

Ms Hannah George, Nurse Unit Manager, Surgical Services received $16,000.00 for a top quality Radio Frequency (RF) generator for effective endovenous eblation of veins.

Fr Darryl Mackie, Mission Integration Manager, Mission received $13,155.00 for a mindfulness Project aimed at patients and staff to improve mood, reduce stress, boost creativity and improve attention.

Mrs Deborah Maguire, Breast Care Clinical Nurse Consultant, Patient Care General received $5,000.00 for breast care cushions for post-op breast surgery.


St Joseph’s Hospital

Mrs Cassandra Bartley, Occupational Therapy Head of Department, Occupational Therapy received a total of $24,450.30 for one Lever Drive Wheelchair ($3,010.80), two Tilt-in-Space Wheelchairs ($6,385.00), two Communication and Assistive Technology (CAT) Clinic EMG switch systems ($5,370.00) and two Communication and Assistive Technology (CAT) Clinic Mobile Mounting Devices ($4,314.50).

Ms Lauren Culbert, Manager, Nursing Education & Development Centre received $34,100.00 for refurbishment of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Education room.

Miss Rachel Harris, Acting Deputy Director of Nursing, Nursing Administration received $8,770.00 for two medication fridges for wards.

Ms Blessy Merlin Joseph, Nurse Unit Manager, Huntington Disease Unit received $3,500.00 for outdoor shade sails for a patient area.

Ms Annie Molejona, Nurse Unit Manager, Rehabilitation Unit received a total of $9,698.30 for shower commode chairs ($4,147.30) and a patient lifter ($5,551.00).

Miss Jeanette Sprott, Speech Pathology, Head of Department, Speech Pathology received $410.00 video recording equipment.

Ms Elizabeth Taylor, Physiotherapy, Head of Department, Physiotherapy received $530.00 for weight scales with a Remote Display device.