A lasting gift from Sir Arthur

The St Vincent’s Curran Foundation would like to thank the family of the late Sir Arthur Thomas George AO for their generous donation of $100,000 in honour of their grandfather’s life-long philanthropic endeavours.

Born in 1915, Arthur was a visionary advocator for improving lives through philanthropy during his lifetime.  The Arthur T George Foundation, endowed by Sir Arthur and his wife Renee George, was established in 1972. The Foundation distributed substantial donations to the University of Sydney and St Andrew’s College, as well as charitable organisations including the Red Cross, Legacy and St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney.  Incredibly donations by the Foundation totalled more than $1.1 million since it was established!

Sir Arthur and Lady Renee’s legacy has established a tradition of giving that has been passed down through the generations. Recently we were delighted to receive an incredibly generous donation of $100,000 from Sir Arthur’s grandchildren – Arthur and Leon – which will be used to support the new St Vincent’s Advanced Cardiac Imaging Centre.

The multi-generational legacy that Sir Arthur left behind is wonderful and we are truly thankful for his, and his family’s, generosity.