2021 Endowment Grants enable Innovation in Patient Care

Established by Paul and Elizabeth Curran in 1984, the St Vincent’s Curran Endowment Fund has been providing support to clinicians and staff across St Vincent’s Hospitals and Facilities in NSW through small to medium sized grants. This year, some exciting projects have been supported with a record $1.6 million worth of grants to enable innovation and significant improvements to patient care and recovery programs.

One such grant has allowed the purchase of an electrical drilling console called the Piezo Ultrasonic Bone Dissector used by our ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists. The instrument removes bone faster and with less tissue damage, giving the patient a better healing experience.

A grant to St Vincent’s Private Hospital has helped obtain new portable anaesthetic machines to sit outside the main operating theatres. Some patients are required to be moved to various departments for CT or x-ray scans while anaesthetised, so the new mobile equipment is easier to manoeuvre while still safely providing the anaesthetic agent. But there is an equally important psychological benefit to the new equipment. Anaesthesia can be provided initially to patients in the open and brightly lit bays outside the darker sterile operating theatre, which is a more pleasant and less anxiety-provoking experience, assisting patients to be anaesthetised in a less stressful environment.

Some patients at the Community Mental Health Unit are required to have a regular ECG to monitor their heart, however, many clients miss their scheduled appointments. A dedicated ECG machine has now been purchased for the O’Brien Centre, so these patients can have their ECG while attending their mental health appointment, thanks to a Foundation Endowment grant.

We sincerely thank our loyal annual Endowment Fund donors for enabling the Foundation to provide this ongoing support which makes such a difference to our patient care.

To join this wonderful group of supporters or to contribute to our Endowment Fund, please contact Michael Gleeson at the Foundation on 1800 800 595 or michael.gleeson2@svha.org.au