A Loyal Friend

Keeping the Flame Alive

Mrs Robin Ann Underhill was a loyal friend to St Vincent’s and the Sisters of Charity, often sharing a joke at the Hospital’s annual events. After her husband Stuwart passed away in 2009, aged 77, Ann continued engaging with St Vincent’s. Having agreed with Stewart to leave bequests to several charities, including St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, when Ann passed away at 84, he significant gift enabled the purchase of much-needed medical equipment.

Leaving a bequest to support clinical excellence is a selfless act of generosity. Since the first bequest to St Vincent’s in 1880, the legacy of those before us continues to underpin medical research, empowers the advancement of leading-edge technologies and promotes exemplary care at St Vincent’s. We acknowledge and thank those who have included St Vincent’s in their wills, and those whose future legacy will continue to fan the St Vincent’s flame of compassionate care for future generations.

St Vincent’s is forever grateful for to Ann for her friendship and generosity over decades.

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