All for Trace

“It’s fitting we help the very people that helped him so much”

A head-shaving event, a massive City2Surf run and a charity skydive commitment has seen Neil Pennock and the All for Trace team well on their way to raising $300,000 needed to fund a new room in the St Vincent’s Bone Marrow Transplant Ward in honour of Neil’s late partner, Trace Richey.

In 2013 Trace was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a disease which stops bone marrow making healthy blood cells. After several rounds of chemotherapy, his only option was a bone marrow transplant. During his time in hospital, Trace and Neil were deeply touched by the tireless and loving care he received from the St Vincent’s staff but tragically Trace succumbed to severe Graft vs Host Disease after a heroic and inspirational battle.

St Vincent’s currently performs over 70 bone marrow transplants a year, but to continue providing excellent care the Hospital needs to build a dedicated Ward for these patients. The Foundation is raising $6.2 million to build this new Ward, which will have 24 individual rooms designed with “negative” air flow to reduce the risk of infection when patients are at their most vulnerable. Most importantly, each patient will have the privacy and comfort of their own room and bathroom, vital for preserving a patient’s dignity in a difficult time.

Work will begin on the new Bone Marrow Transplant and Haematology ward in 2017 and we still need to raise funds for equipment purchases for the ward fit out.

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