Care for All

"St Vincent's Love Kept Me Alive"

In 1984, I was amongst the first people to be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in Sydney. This had a devastating effect on my life.

Under the care of the late Professor David Cooper, I undertook 28 HIV drug trials at St Vincent’s Hospital. David Cooper and his trial drugs kept me alive until there was proven treatment to enable me to survive HIV/AIDS.

But my survival was also due to the exemplary care I received from everyone at St Vincent’s Hospital. I will never forget the Sisters of Charity. Because of their loving care and support, and the tireless work of all the Doctors, nurses and ancillary staff, my sometimes very painful journey was made so much easier.

I received bad financial advice after retiring, I lost all my money, so sadly don’t have the wherewithal to show my gratitude to St Vincent’s Hospital in financial support. However, I do have an incredibly beautiful vase which is unique and was made with a wonderful message.

My donation is my message of thanks to St Vincent’s Hospital and it’s care for all. The vase was made for Royal Doulton in the late 19th century by an artist called Fred Hanson and is called “The Golden Age.”  The reason for the name is that the scene painted on the vase depicts many different species of animals living together in harmony.

This vase represents the spirit and ethos of the Hospital, and I donate it in the wish that it is kept, as much as possible, on public display so everyone can admire its beauty and meaning.