Director of Cellular Therapy Appointed

"Welcome A/Prof John Moore"

Until relatively recently, patients diagnosed with autoimmune disorders and blood cancers had limited treatment options and a small chance of full recovery. However, advances in cellular therapy, involving the manipulation and re-injection of the patient’s own or donor cells, have shown potential to transform bone marrow transplantation and cure many types of blood cancers and other diseases.

St Vincent’s has a key strategic commitment of developing a world class Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy with the ambition to be Australia’s premier unit for cellular therapy research and understanding.

As a positive first step, we are pleased to announce the recent appointment of A/Prof John Moore to the position of The Chong Family Director of Cellular Therapy. A/Prof Moore’s role will be key to building world-class research and clinical capacity in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) to help treat diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Schematic Sclerosis (known as Scleroderma).

A/Prof Moore will lead the clinical and research teams dedicated to improving outcomes in HSCT for patients with autoimmune and malignant conditions, while implementing emerging cell based and immune therapies. He will be responsible for developing and integrating a full clinical and laboratory research program focused on cell based therapy.

The establishment of this position was enabled by the extraordinary generosity of Dr John and Mrs Anne Chong, through their pledged gift over ten years. We thank them sincerely for their extraordinary gift to support the strategic development of our Centre of Excellence. We also sincerely thank our other major donors to this program who are supporting Fellowships in a range of
research programs including: Delta Goodrem Foundation, Bourne Foundation, Zamasa Foundation, MS Research Australia and the Kiriwina Investment Company.