Supporting Healing, Hope and Humanity

At St Vincent’s Hospital, our mission has always been to provide healing, hope and humanity to all those in need, especially the most vulnerable in our community.

A year of extraordinary need

Due to the impact of COVID-19, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney has been called on for more support than ever by those who have found themselves stranded in Sydney, sick and in need of help – many without access to Medicare.

A Fund that supports those in need

Through the Healing, Hope and Humanity Fund, St Vincent’s has provided compassionate, often life-saving, support to all those who have called on us.

Utilising past donations from generous donors, Healing, Hope and Humanity has provided this care to the community where Government funding was unavailable, touching the lives of many.

But the fund, which has been a lifeline to our vulnerable community in troubled times, is now depleted, and we need your help.

Can you imagine being sick, alone and vulnerable in another city or country during a pandemic? Just imagine… being diagnosed with a serious illness which would be stressful enough… but even worse – not being able to afford the recommended life-saving treatment. What if you didn’t understand what was happening to you because of language barriers or mental health issues, or if you were isolated and without the comfort and support from family and friends? Like never before, you would hope there was someone that you could reach out to.

This Christmas, St Vincent’s needs a little help from our friends


The Healing, Hope and Humanity Fund helps St Vincent’s to care for those in our community who are most vulnerable, when they need it most. It supports our mission established by our founding Sisters of Charity more than 185 years ago. It is at the heart of the St Vincent’s Way.

Now more than ever, many in our community need healing, hope and humanity.

Now more than ever, St Vincent’s needs a little help from our friends to replenish this lifeline and allow us to provide the best possible treatment and care for everyone who needs it.

This Christmas, we hope you might consider giving the gift of Healing, Hope and Humanity to help us help others.

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