Christmas Appeal raises over $93,000 for Dental Care

Over the Christmas period, our family of supporters came together to raise $93,000 towards our Healing, Hope and Humanity Fund to assist some of our most marginalised patients. For many of our homeless or mental health patients, receiving urgent medical care is only a first step to recovery. Many also require urgent dental work to ensure they are able to consume nutritious food or to repair years of oral damage from drug and alcohol dependence.

Our Christmas story focused on Andrew from rural New South Wales, who moved to Sydney but fell into a difficult place involving drugs, HIV, and then a serious neurological concern. St Vincent’s treats patients like Andrew each day, not just with lifesaving medical care but with other support services including free dental care, clothing, and accommodation. We sincerely thank all those donors that have supported this worthy cause.

We also thank those supporting our Urban Hub Mental Health project to repurpose the heritage listed Green Park Hotel into an Urban Health Hub for those requiring community-based mental health care and support. We have received many gifts from corporate and individual supporters, including a special gift from the Rogers Family. Thank you to all those that have contributed so far.