Evolution for Good

A New Generation of Philanthropists

The Evolution Giving Circle has been making strides in its mission to support the work of the St Vincent’s Hospital’s and Facilities in NSW.  This special group is made up of supporters 30 – 55 years, who are invested in continuing the legacy of philanthropy at St Vincent’s by connecting the next generation of business, community and medical leaders, ensuring support for our Hospital’s well into the future.

The Evolution Giving Circle provides an opportunity for philanthropists who are passionate about the future of St Vincent’s emulate the commitment of earlier philanthropic supporters.

Dedicated to making a positive impact, the Evolution Giving Circle is growing the St Vincent’s Endowment Fund, which is invested in perpetuity and provides annual grants to St Vincent’s Grants and Facilities in New South Wales to support urgent priorities.

In September 2021, the Evolution Giving Circle participated in Inner Circle Conversations. This planned series of virtual conversations featured business, entrepreneurial and medical leaders discussing philanthropy, investments in healthcare, and innovation, past learning and future possibilities.

In June 2022, the second Evolution Giving Circle Dinner was held at the Coco Republic showrooms in Alexandria. The event welcomed 15 new donors into the Circle and provided an opportunity for members to build new connections, network, and learn more about wonderful work happening at St Vincent’s with a particular focus on our mental health units and the extraordinary care provided by our mental health and homeless health specialists. Through these initiatives and more, the Evolution Giving Circle is creating positive impacts for the community and the future of health in NSW.

The Evolution Giving Circle has already made a significant impact on the work of St Vincent’s Curran Foundation and its work is only beginning. This group is providing a new avenue for philanthropy, allowing young supporters to give back in a meaningful way while creating a lasting legacy for the future.

If you are interested in joining the Evolution Giving Circle, please contact St Vincent’s Curran Foundation. You can become a part of a new generation of philanthropists evolving for good.