Gary Meyers walks from Watson’s Bay to Terrigal

In January 2022, Gary Meyers headed off once again on an adventure across Sydney to raise funds for an area of healthcare very close to his heart, Cardiac Rehabilitation. This time the journey was from Sydney’s Watson’s Bay to Terrigal, where he walked in honour of his late father Geoff and raised $52,742.

In 2017 Gary suffered an unexpected heart attack and was lucky to survive. He found himself at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, in a life-changing moment. He is eternally grateful to those who kept him alive during that critical time, and those that have provided him with the physical rehabilitation and support to get his heart, mind and body back close to where it once was. Many do not get the chance to recover after such a near death experience. As a result Gary has become one of St Vincent’s most active community fundraisers, “raising funds for the wonderful clinicians, nurses and rehab specialists,” he says. They are now a key part of his life, as he has completed a number of long walks including multiple City to Surfs.

Gary’s fundraising for St Vincent’s supports Cardiac Rehabilitation, all with the aim of reducing the risk of further heart problems, improving emotional and physical wellbeing, to get patients back to their former social and work activities.

The St Vincent’s Curran Foundation is lucky to have the support of enthusiastic community fundraisers, like Gary, who has walked thousands of kilometres to raise funds for our hospital.

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