JW & M Cunningham Foundation

JW & M Cunningham Foundation Grants

We are excited to announce that the JW & M Cunningham Foundation and the Trustees and Board of the St Vincent’s Curran Trustee Ltd, as trustees for the JW & M Cunningham Foundation, have allocated over $900,000 in grants, over this and the next financial year, to the following priority needs at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney:

3D Transoesophageal Echocardiogram (TOE) for Cardiothoracics:

A Transoesophageal Echocardiogram is a specialized cardiac ultrasound that is used to assess the hearts beating structure and function. The advantage of the TOE is clearer images, especially for structures that are difficult to view transthoracically (through the chest wall). In adults, several structures can be evaluated and imaged better with the TOE, including the aorta, pulmonary artery, valves of the heart, both atria, atrial septum, left atrial appendage and coronary arteries. TOE has a very high sensitivity for locating a blood clot inside the left atrium.
Project Lead: Dr Michelle Moyle, Director of Anaesthetics

2 x Impeller Heart Pumps: 1x grant 2019/20 and 1 x grant 2020/21

Impella is a non-surgical heart pump proven safe and effective to temporarily assist the pumping function of the heart to treat patients with cardiovascular disease, including advanced heart failure, and used during emergency situations when the heart fails to pump enough to perfuse the bodies organs with blood. It can be used to keep patients alive until definitive therapy is commenced to improve the heart function. Its main advantages will be for use in heart attack patients in cardiogenic shock and during stent placement to ensure blood flow is maintained to critical organs during the procedure.
Project Lead: Dr David A. Roy, Interventional/ Structural Cardiologist

20 x Intra-vascular Lithotripsy Catheters:

Intra-vascular lithotripsy (IVL-Shockwave) is a novel technique not funded by Medicare that allows surgeons to use a balloon to deliver a high frequency ultrasound ‘pulse’ from inside the artery. This breaks up calcified plaque and allows surgeons to implant stents where stents were previously unable to be implanted.
Project Lead: Dr David A. Roy, Interventional/ Structural Cardiologist

ENT Microsurgery – 2 x TIVATO 700 Microscopes: 1 x grant 2019/20 and 1 x grant 2020/21:

Two new TIVATO 700 ENT Plastic Microscopes for day surgery (DIEP’s and Larynx operations) will offer enormous optic and microscope benefits, such as ultimate reach and flexibility for all types of surgery, illumination for any procedure and it will enable the hospital to retain and increase the number of visiting surgeons, and provide state of the art technology and equipment to allow the latest surgical advancements.
Project Lead: A/Prof Nigel Biggs – Chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck and Skull Base Surgery

Movement Disorders Fellowship Position for 1 year for Neurosciences: 

The St Vincent’s Hospital Movement Disorders Program Fellow will have a twelve month post to support the running of the clinical trials and to skill up for independent practice as a Movement Disorders Neurologist with expertise in Fragile X mutation carrier (FXTAS), Neurogenetics and the Clinical Genomics Unit. The Fellow will also work and gain valuable experience in the use of the MRI guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) stereotactic brain ablation, which is a safe and effective treatment for essential tremor, dystonic tremor and Parkinson’s disease tremor and has marked an era in incisionless, minimally invasive therapies for movement disorders. The SVH MRgFUS Unit is an Australian First.
Project Lead: A/Prof Stephen Tisch, Head of Neurology Department and Movement Disorders Neurologist

The JW & M Cunningham Foundation was generously founded and set up by John Cunningham AM SCM and Margaret Cunningham to specifically support their areas of interest in Mental Health, Cardiology, Urology, Neurosciences, Hospital Equipment and regional health initiatives.

Thank you to John and Margaret for their ongoing generosity and support of St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney.

Congratulations to all the grant recipients. With the generous support of donors like the Cunningham’s we are able to support priority needs and deliver leading innovations at St Vincent’s.