Lucio Galletto OAM

Saving time saves lives

In November last year renowned Australian restaurateur and chef, Lucio Galletto OAM, woke to find he had localised swelling and soreness in his throat. After a visit to the doctor, he was prescribed antibiotics and sent home.

By 7pm that night the swelling had gotten much worse so his wife Sally rushed him to St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney where he was admitted to the Emergency Department. His treatment was immediately escalated when doctors realised that severe swelling of his epiglottis was blocking his windpipe and restricting his breathing. His condition, the result of bacterial infection, was so critical that Lucio was only minutes away from death. He was rushed to theatre for a life-saving tracheotomy performed by Professor Richard Gallagher, one of St Vincent’s top head and neck surgeons.

The St Vincent’s Curran Foundation is now raising $9.3 million dollars to build a  new state-of-the-art Emergency Trauma Operating Theatre which will house a purpose-built Hybrid Operating System called the Mega RAPTOR (Resuscitation with Angiography, Percutaneous Techniques and Operative Repair).

“In the new Mega RAPTOR Theatre, surgeons will have all of the options for the best treatment of critically ill patients in one location. This will provide us with the greatest chance to manage life-threatening conditions” said Dr Tony Grabs, Director of Trauma at St Vincent’s Hospital. “In Lucio’s case, if he was transferred to imaging and then to theatre, he may not have survived”.

The Mega RAPTOR reduces decision making time by combining imaging and surgical capabilities into one. Doctors will now be able to perform scanning and radiology, surgical procedures and emergency resuscitation in a single location. Along with advanced life support equipment, the Theatre will feature a floating operating table that permits surgical procedures and resuscitation while obtaining detailed rotational imaging via its robotic arm. Thankfully Lucio is back to his normal vivacious self. Grateful for the compassionate care provided by the staff at St Vincent’s Hospital, Lucio is honoured to support the Foundation’s work, “What happened to me could happen to anyone. It is vital that our constantly growing city has access to the best medical services. Improvements and innovations to the facility are much needed to ensure the highest level of care possible for everyone”.

Thanks to Lucio and everyone who attended the 2018 Life Gala Dinner in November and a leadership gift from Mr Harry Triguboff AO we have raised $4.3 million towards our $9.3 million target. The Foundation would welcome additional donations to enable us to reach our target to construct and install a new Emergency Trauma Operating Theatre with a Mega RAPTOR.

You can help us to raise the remaining $5 million we need to complete the new Emergency Trauma Operating Theatre.