Fundamental to our Future

"Forward-thinking Care"

Mental Health is fundamental to our future and the Foundation is pleased to welcome Dr Lyn Chiem, who has recently been appointed as Clinical Director of Mental Health and Homeless Health at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney. She is a specialist in Psychiatry and has worked in a range of Mental Health fields but particularly with eating disorders. As a registrar in 2013, Dr Chiem was the inaugural Cunningham Fellow at St Vincent’s USPACE.

We also thank Dr Gary Galambos, Director of USPACE at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, for his ongoing work in youth mental health. For the past ten years, he has been developing early intervention services for young adults with emerging mental health disorders, including developing a cutting-edge online e-mental health literacy education, training and support program that enhances and compliments face-to-face mental health care.

We look forward to working with all our mental health professionals on campus through our Fundamental to our Future fundraising campaign for mental health.