New trauma theatre becomes operational

St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and St Vincent’s Curran Foundation are pleased to announce that the new Ernest Heine Family Foundation Emergency Trauma Operating Theatre and the Sutton Family Emergency Operating Theatre Control Room were completed in August 2022. The theatres and control room are now fully operational supporting the lifesaving work of our surgical teams.

This $10.65 million project was funded through generous philanthropic support and with the help of the RAPTOR Fundraising Committee, for which we are most grateful. We would like to sincerely thank all our donors, including Visionary supporters the Ernest Heine Family Foundation, the Sutton Family and Ian and Maryanne Pagent.

The new Ernest Heine Family Foundation Emergency Trauma Operating Theatre houses the hybrid operating system called the Mega RAPTOR (resuscitation with angiography, percutaneous techniques and operative repair), which permits resuscitation, surgery and unobstructed imaging in one location. The theatre is also equipped with minimally invasive surgical technology, resuscitation equipment, and other life support technologies.

The immediate availability of this equipment combined in one room will save many lives. The theatre will provide enhanced haemorrhage control to deal with severe blood loss, superior imaging for accurate insertion of stents to help unblock blood vessels, and its minimally invasive capabilities will result in less trauma to the body, with decreased scarring
and faster recovery.

The Foundation congratulates all those involved with this extensive capital works project, which was completed with minor disruption to the hospital’s existing activities, whilst also navigating the added obstacles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.