Shirley Webb

She knew the needs of the Hospital more than most

For someone who came to St Vincent’s Hospital three times a week for dialysis, it’s no wonder Shirley Webb was close to the doctors and nurses who worked there!

Not only that, but Shirley knew the needs of the Hospital more than most. That’s why 20 years ago she donated money to purchase a new patient transport van for renal and cancer patients and a few years later funded the purchase of a new dialysis machine.

Shirley wanted to make sure she could continue helping patients long after she passed away. She left a gift in her Will which contributed significantly to the refurbishment of a new Renal Unit.  Thanks in part to her gift; this new Unit has moved to a larger space to allow our doctors to treat more dialysis patients in a brighter environment.

If you want to make a gift in your Will, and help patients for years to come, please contact the Foundation at or call 1800 800 595.