Sponsor Scrubs for St Vincent’s


Support St Vincent’s to Support our Community
In partnership with CUE Clothing Company

At St Vincent’s Hospitals in Sydney, we are committed to protecting the health of our community and our staff.  Our frontline staff – our doctors, nurses and allied health workers- put themselves in harm’s way each and every day to care for our patients and save lives.

St Vincent’s Hospitals provide our staff with fresh, clean scrubs each day. Never before have we had to be concerned about the ongoing availability of scrubs, masks and gloves to ensure we continue to provide our staff with all the essential protection they need.

But as we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic is creating challenges all of us have never faced before.

So, St Vincent’s Hospitals Sydney have teamed up with iconic Australian fashion brand CUE Clothing Company. With their support we are ensuring that St Vincent’s Hospital staff continue to be fully protected as they strive to protect the health of our community.

As Australia’s largest local manufacturer of fashion, Cue Clothing Company are leveraging their capability to produce our scrubs to support St Vincent’s to support our community.

And you can help too.  Your donation will help us to give our staff the scrubs they need and also support our St Vincent’s COVID-19 Response Fund.