Sr Sesarina Bau rsc

"I was only 15 when I realised I had a calling"

Sesarina Bau was only 15 when she realised she had a calling.  At this young age she knew she wanted to be free to care for people for God and so a few years later she went into the novitiate of her local Fijian order.

Before long the local Bishop at the time wanted some Sisters to come to Australia to study to become teachers, so Sr Ses studied, worked, came to St Vincent’s College in Potts Point. Despite these achievements, she felt her calling was pulling her towards nursing so she spoke to Sr Mary Sarto and Sr Bernice at St Vincent’s Hospital and it was agreed she would change her path.

Since then Sr Ses has worked tirelessly at St Vincent’s caring for everyone. She has been the Supervisor of the Emergency Department, the Nursing Unit Manager of the Surgical Wards and the Manager of Outpatients. Today her role is to work closely with the nursing staff to provide guidance to patients, families and staff when needed, especially in the Intensive Care Unit and the Heart and Lung Clinic. She also provides essential guidance and friendship to the Foundation as she sits on the Board of Trustees.

Sr Ses explains “I have now found freedom in religious life that I would not have found in a more conventional life in Fiji. I have been able to serve God and the sick in different places across the Asia Pacific including the Solomon Islands, East Timor and in refugee camps in Thailand and Kampuchea.

I feel a deep connection to the Foundation because of their commitment to the Sister’s Mission and our Values and I am so grateful to be involved with an organisation that continues to help those in need.”

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