St Vincent’s Hospitals Step-Up to the COVID-19 Challenge

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All of us at St Vincent’s want to reassure you that we are stepping up to tackle the challenge of caring for the community during this COVID-19 pandemic. Our Hospital Executive and Staff have trained and prepared for an incident such as this and the Incident Response Team is working seven days a week ensuring business continuity, whilst our services evolve to meet the pandemic.

At the Darlinghurst Campus, all St Vincent’s institutions including our Public and Private Hospitals, Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, are working together as one on a range of treatment, research, critical care pathways to maximise our response capacity.

COVID-19 Testing and Care
St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney is playing a pivotal testing role and was quick to establish in-house testing by setting up a special Flu Assessment Clinic for COVID-19 providing direct access to those in our community experiencing symptoms or who meet the criteria for testing.

The Flu Assessment Clinic is situated on the ground floor of St Vincent’s Public Hospital Sydney. This service is available to all those in the community who are experiencing symptoms of or meet the testing criteria for COVID-19. (For current information regarding testing criteria please check the NSW Health guidelines

The Flu Assessment Clinic also includes a dedicated testing service for our staff to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff.

To further support patients who are test positive and and do not require hospitalisation, St Vincent’s will be launching a virtual care clinic to provide 24/7 care to COVID-19 patients who are self-isolating. This service will be delivered by telehealth and be staffed by Registered Nurses who will monitor patient symptoms and escalate care where necessary.

In preparation for COVID-19 positive admissions, St Vincent’s Public Hospital has also established a dedicated, quarantine COVID-19 isolation ward to prepare for the need if it arises. Additional capacity and support will be also provided at St Vincent’s Private Hospital if required.   Plans are also in place for St Joseph’s Hospital, Auburn to respond to COVID-19.

As was the case in 1984 when St Vincent’s Hospital established the first HIV/AIDS Ward in Australia in response to that crisis, St Vincent’s Hospitals are determined to provide safe, compassionate and effective care for our patients and to protect the community that we are privileged to serve.

Thank you for your support
All of us at St Vincent’s Curran Foundation are very grateful for the relationships we have built with our family of donors. Your support has already enabled major improvements to some of our key services.

For example, we recently completed a total refurbishment of the St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney Intensive Care Unit funded through $3.2 million in donations. This enabled us to purchase and install new state-of-the-art ventilators through a $1 million gift from Mrs Enny Shaw, new ICU beds with the support of Margaret Cunningham, the NELUNE Foundation and John Parthenis and significant support from many other donors for new monitoring systems and other up to date equipment.

Our Emergency Department renovation undertaken with a combination of NSW Government and philanthropic support ensures it too has up to date equipment and enhanced facilities.

Our Mental Health, Homeless Health and Alcohol and Drug Services have also benefited greatly from philanthropic support in the past. Dealing with the anxiety, depression and stress caused by this distressing situation will assist many in our community who will need particular support in coming months.

Your support of our Hospitals, in the past and your ongoing support now, as we step up to care for our community at a time of great need and is vital to their ongoing resilience and ability to respond to this situation in a sustainable way.

How you can help
We have been contacted by many donors seeking to ensure our Hospitals continue to be fully resourced to ensure the best possible response to this evolving healthcare situation. For this we are very grateful.

If you would like to support St Vincent’s COVID-19 Response Fund to help our clinicians and operational staff to continue to deliver expert care on the front lines of this crisis you can do so by donating here.

Your gift will help us to support:

  • Support and enhance our capabilities for COVID-19 testing
  • The 24/7 St Vincent’s virtual care clinic for those who have tested positive to COVID-19 and are in home isolation
  • Enable us to hire and cross-train additional clinical and operational staff
  • Clinical research and where possible to enable our participation in clinical trials of a potential vaccine
  • Provide additional equipment for St Vincent’s Private Hospital ICU
  • Continue to provide Scrubs to protect our staff #ScrubsForStvincents
  • Our new Homeless Health COVID-19 services to help those in most need
  • Our Mental Health This Way Up online anxiety and depression programs to extend their services to those in need at this distressing time
  • Ensure our Uspace Private Mental Health service for young people is fully resourced to provide support to young people aged 16-30 suffering from anxiety and depression
  • Support all our e-health and online health services as demand on these services increases to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

You can contact the Foundation team to donate by calling 1800 800 595 or emailing


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