Steven Berveling

"Living life to the fullest thanks to St Vincent’s"

Barrister Steven Berveling has lived with HIV for 20 years, yet the day he was checked into Ward 17 South at St Vincent’s in 1986, he didn’t expect to live out the week. He battled the odds, including viral meningitis and many months of blindness while doctors fought for his access to new life-saving therapies. Twenty years on, Steven enjoys a challenging career and is able to pursue with vigour his greatest passion – cycling.

He says the compassion and commitment to excellence of the staff in Ward 17 South was ‘huge, palpable and real’. Whilst today HIV is no longer a death sentence, there is still a new generation to keep safe through continuing education on HIV transmission.

The Foundation established the HIV Future Fund to help people like Steve and aims to raise $1 million to support HIV prevention and research, to help those living with HIV lead positive and healthy lives.

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