Raising Hope Through Early Detection

New precise and powerful imaging equipment will help detect and treat cancer

Increasing our community is hearing and talking about the rise in gastrointestinal cancer – cancer that affects our gut, bowels and other organs that help us digest food.

For example hundreds of thousands of people around Australia have received their bowel cancer detection tests, as we make every effort to detect the early symptoms of bowel cancer – now Australia’s second most deadly cancer. We also know that early detection of cancer saves lives.

The good news is that 90% of gastrointestinal cancer patients can be treated successfully if their cancer is detected early. Understanding the critical importance of early detection in effective cancer treatment, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney has recently undergone a complete redevelopment of its Endoscopy Suites.

For this new facility to be truly best practice, we will equip it with the “gutsiest” equipment to give our dedicated Gastroenterologists the most precise and powerful imaging equipment to help them detect and treat cancer and abnormalities at the earliest opportunity.

This new advanced endoscopy imaging system which will provide our doctors with high-definition real-time pictures of what’s happening inside the patient’s body. It is equipped with minimally invasive probes and devices that can provide detailed images of the extremes of the oesophagus, colon and intestines to assist doctors to identify emerging cancerous cells.

This years “Gutsy” Tax Appeal is seeking to raise $190,000 to purchase the new Advanced Endoscopy Imaging System.

This new state of art imaging system providing minimally invasive options that reduce the need for surgery will significantly improve outcomes for our patients. The early detection and treatment of even the smallest cancerous cells could be the difference between life and death.

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