Support rural mental health

Help our communities affected by bushfires

For weeks now, we have all seen and heard the terrible stories of the unfolding bushfire disaster in areas of NSW and beyond.  In addition to the bushfires, the challenge of drought continues to impact on many in our rural and regional communities.

As people affected by this crisis face the difficult and challenging reality of rebuilding their lives and communities, there will be a huge need for mental health intervention and support.

In the first three to four years after the 2009 Black Saturday fires, 26% of people in the worst-affected areas showed signs of mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder, severe psychological distress and depression. At the five-year mark, 22% were still dealing with mental health issues.

Our St Vincent’s clinicians want to help now and in the long term.

With your support, we can provide programs and resources specifically designed to deal with bushfire distress.

A Resilient Booster Guide will provide a step-by-step guide to psychological coping strategies after bushfires.

A Coping With Bushfire Distress course will teach the psychological skills to recognise, understand and manage emotional reactions to the unfolding natural disaster.

And a comprehensive Post-Traumatic Stress Course will help to overcome acute bushfire trauma, with specific reference to emergency services and bushfire victims.

Please donate here to help us to rebuild mental health, strength and resilience in our regional communities.  That is so important, now and into the future.


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