Celebrating 40 Years of Heart Lung Innovation at St Vincent’s

40 years ago on 8 April 1984, the pioneering Dr Victor Chang AC performed trailblazing surgery on his patient Fiona Coote AM, who at the time was just 14 years old. This launched the heart transplantation program at St Vincent’s Hospital. 40 years on, St Vincent’s now carries out almost 100 heart transplants a year and remains at the forefront of innovation in cardiovascular care.

We were honoured on Thursday night 4 April at our Annual Heart Lung dinner to welcome our Prime Minister, The Hon. Anthony Albanese MP and The Hon. Ryan Park New South Wales Minster for Health and Medical Research.  Helping to commemorate this significant milestone was Fiona Coote AM along with special guest and Grateful Patient Jimmy Barnes AO. It was an evening full of celebration for our 40th Anniversary and all the many important innovation milestones achieved at St Vincent’s, many of which have only been made possible through generous donations.

We would like to recognise and thank our donors for 40 years of support of the advancement of heart and lung healthcare at St Vincent’s Hospital.  This highlights the importance of philanthropic donations to St Vincent’s and the vital role it plays in advancing innovative technologies and ultimately improving the lives of patients.

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