Deserved recognition and gratitude for Frontline Staff

You might be familiar with Winston Churchill’s war-time quote that never before had so much been owed by so many, to so few. This quote remains true of healthcare workers everywhere during the fight against COVID-19.

In many countries around the world, citizens stopped each night to applaud the dedication and sacrifices made by their doctors and nurses. World leaders heaped praise on their skills and commitment. Indeed, our own campus has at times been swamped with gifts, flowers, and food packages to be distributed to the amazing people that have kept our patients alive.

At the Foundation, we are conscious that many of our clinicians and support staff continued to care for our community over the Christmas and New Year period, sacrificing precious time with family and friends. This has resulted in high levels of staff fatigue and burnout, including limited opportunities for acknowledgement and expressions of gratitude for our front line staff.

Show your gratitude to St Vincent’s frontline staff through donating to our newly created Frontline Workers Well-being Fund.

Your contributions will go directly towards staff recognition and recovery initiatives as part of a St Vincent’s Year of Gratitude.

Planned initiatives include recovery and well-being programs, reward and recognition initiatives, and longer-term learning and professional development opportunities for frontline staff to further their careers.

Staff will be provided opportunities to relax and unwind with family and friends, access to mental health and wellness support services as well as timely, specific and sustainable awards.

To donate and show your gratitude to our amazing St Vincent’s frontline staff, please click here – Frontline Workers Well-being Fund