Tuesday 31 Jul

Join us as we do Dry July and raise money for wellness projects to help our cancer patients!

By giving up booze and asking our friends and family to donate will help St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney to provide wellbeing programs for our patients.   With donations through Dry July we can establishing free transport options for patients experiencing hardship or isolation.  We will also be able to purchase additional patient furnishings and items to provide comfort for patients and their families during treatment.

Here’s how you can help with Dry July:

  1. Sign up and register to support St Vincent’s at https://www.dryjuly.com/users/sign_up?beneficiary=stvincentshospitalsydney
  2. Kick-start your fundraising campaign and make a donation to yourself; nothing says your committed to the cause like donating!
  3. Ask your family and friends to support you; remember they won’t know to donate if you don’t ask
  4. Spread the word and promote on your social media channels
  5. Don’t be shy to ask for donations more than once!

With your help we can improve patient care services for our cancer patients at St Vincent’s.