Watch Now Inside St Vincent’s : COVID-19 – Responding now and into the Future

Wednesday 28 Jul

 Inside St Vincent’s
Wednesday 28 July at 5.00pm
COVID-19 – Responding now and into the Future


As the impact of COVID-19 on our community reasserts itself across the country and particularly in Sydney, the ongoing ramifications are raising new challenges for our Hospitals and the patients we care for.

Hear from from St Vincent’s key clinicians who have been at the frontline of managing St Vincent’s Hospital’s response over the last 18 months, whilst at the same time developing plans for dealing with the longer-term effects of this unprecedented healthcare crisis.

Meet Our Panel
Our panelists will give you an insight into how St Vincent’s is caring for our community with our immediate response and our plans into the future.

Danielle Austin
Incident Response and Disaster Manager, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney
Sean Evans
Mental Health Services Manager, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney
Prof Gail Matthews
Head of Infectious Diseases, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney
Courtney Lace
COVID-19 Nurse Manager, Heart Lung Clinic, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney

David Faktor
Director of Public Affairs, St Vincent’s Health Network Sydney