Inside St Vincent’s Genomics Talk

Tuesday 6 Mar

Garvan Institute of Medical Research, 384 Victoria Street Darlinghurst

Words like genomics, gene therapy and personalised medicine are being used more and more these days, but these concepts all seem so confusing! Do any of us really know what it means? Well, now is your chance to find out and learn how this complex science will be shaping your future!

Take a listen to our A Guide To Genomics: An Inside St Vincent’s Information Session.

Over the course of an hour, experts explain and discuss:

  • What is genomics – What does this term really mean?
  • Genetic testing – Why do we need it and what are the costs
  • Ethical implications – Considerations before we get genetic testing
  • Genetic counselling – Preparing for the results
  • Personalised medicine – How are doctors interpreting the results so you get the very best care

This discussion was led by Prof Jerry Greenfield, Founder of the Clinical Genomics Unit at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, Dr Bernadette Tobin, Director of the Plunkett Centre for Ethics at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and Mary-Anne Young, Senior Genetic Counsellor at Genome.One.