Welcome: Shanthini Naidoo, CEO

In Highlights Autumn 2021, we celebrate some of the recent projects that are coming to fruition as a result of your support. This includes Neurosciences research and our new hybrid operating theatre.

Importantly, your contributions support St Vincent’s leadership in many fields and ensure all our patients – in our Public and Private Hospitals – benefit from access to the best possible care when they need it the most.


Specific Articles

Sparking support for St Vincent’s Brains Trust
Hear from St Vincent’s neurologists, neurosurgeons and clinician researchers. They are focusing their efforts on ensuring the best possible research-driven care and treatments are available to our patients.

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The Healing, Hope and Humanity Fund
Thank you for your generous support! Through the Christmas appeal and other fundraising efforts, the Foundation raised more than $500,000 towards our Healing, Hope and Humanity Fund.

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New hybrid operating theatre to save lives
For major trauma patients requiring rapid and thorough assessment, surgery and resuscitation, time can be the difference between life and death.

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Healing Garden to complete Private Hospital redevelopment
The garden is named in honour of Mrs Susan Wakil AO, who, along with her husband Mr Isaac Wakil, generously gave her support and time to St Vincent’s over many years.

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Safe haven for community at Green ParkSt Vincent’s Hospital has purchased the Green Park Hotel with the aim of creating a healthcare hub focused on delivering mental health and virtual health programs.

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Former nurse gives back to the hospital she loved
Elizabeth Anne Kearins was a great supporter of nurse education at St Vincent’s Private Hospital throughout her life and recently remembered St Vincent’s Private Hospital in her Will.

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Corporate greats support patients and hospitals
Two new major corporate partnerships will be supporting important capital works projects assisting our Indigenous patients and our Junior Medical Officers.

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Getting “in it for good”
Supporters of a special Evolution Giving Circle are “in it for good”. They commit to providing an annual or monthly donation to the St Vincent’s Curran Endowment Fund.

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Griffith supports new ENT services
Since the Hospital’s opening, ear nose and throat (ENT) services have been highly sought after. Since being introduced last year, the service received an immediate and overwhelming response.

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Champions run hot to support St Vincent’s

The arrival of COVID-19  seems only to have inspired our Community Champions. They are working even harder to raise funds for our Hospitals.

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Upcoming Events

Finally, we are staying connected in this time through our series of webinars and videos. You can view all of our Inside St Vincent’s webinars on-line at supportstvincents.com.au or visit our YouTube channel to see our latest videos.

We are currently developing our schedule of events for the year, please contact us on email svhs.events@svha.org.au or call 1800 800 595 with any questions.