Support St Vincent’s Intensive Care Units

In 2021, countless hospitals around the world experienced the true reality of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) provided care to dozens of critical patients with COVID-19 and opened a secondary ICU area in our theatre recovery section. Those patients spent many weeks on ventilator support in induced comas, or on ECMO, a type of cardiopulmonary bypass that oxygenates the blood, helping the lungs to recover.

St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney has one of Australia’s leading ICU facilities providing a state-wide referral centre for heart and lung transplantation and extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), respiratory disorders and services for blood marrow and stem cell transplants.

To ensure St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and St Vincent’s Private Hospital are both best equipped into the future, we are undertaking an ICU redevelopment and upgrade program, which will include six new generation ICU beds in each hospital, and the construction of a new ICU Pod in the public hospital.

The new generation ICU beds will enable nurses to move patients safely from horizontal to an upright chair position. This helps the patient to be mobilised sooner and recover more quickly and has demonstrated improved final health outcomes.

The new ICU Pod will feature six single ICU rooms with specific focus on superior infection control and isolation capabilities. Two rooms will provide pandemic capable negative pressure, while all rooms can support all infectious patients requiring isolation through treatment or recovery.

The ICU redevelopment has been made possible with the generous support of the NSW Government but we need your help to purchase the new generation beds and the very best equipment.

We now ask for your support to help us so we are best placed to care for our most critically ill patients. Please help by making a tax deductible donation to our St Vincent’s ICU Upgrade Appeal to help raise $350,000 towards the new ICU Pod and purchase of 12 new generation ICU beds. Your support now will help save the lives of many in the future.