It’s time to talk about our bucket lists

Lisa McDonald, Group Mission Leader at St Vincent’s Health Australia, thinks it’s time to talk about bucket lists!

I know what you are thinking – trips to see the northern lights, running a marathon (just to be clear, that’s not on mine!), writing a novel, achieving a great medical breakthrough, meeting your hero, achieving enlightenment.

Glorious – all of them.

What’s on yours?

There’s another side to this fun conversation, often overlooked.

A ‘bucket list’ is comprised of the things you hope to do before you die. (The bucket a macabre reference to the olden days to the thing that must be kicked before a person was hanged – eek.)

I wonder if the items on a bucket list change when we know that death is imminent?

I’ve been talking to our wonderful palliative care teams lately and they tell me that the simple things we take for granted often come to the fore: having a cup of tea with a friend, taking a walk in a favourite garden, reading a good book, having the family all together.

The things that matter change.

Let’s talk about death more.

We have much to learn from those who are approaching their end of life. A bucket list therefore becomes an opportunity to experience the things for which a deep gratitude arises from within us.

So, perhaps there is merit in creating our bucket lists in reverse 🙂

  1. Having a glorious moment,
  2. Realising how lovely it was,
  3. Writing it on a list,
  4. Checking it off.

Cheating? Of course!

But what better way to live every moment for the precious thing it really is!