Max Coleman Book Launch

Dr Max Coleman Publication: The Doers: A Surgical History of St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, 1857-2007


Guests gathered on Monday 3 December to celebrate the launch of Dr Max Coleman’s bookThe Doers: A Surgical History of St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, 1857-2007 – a publication detailing the colourful and rich history and evolution of surgery performed at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney.


St Vincent’s has been blessed with thinkers and doers of exceptional ability, generosity and dedication. Dr Coleman, himself a surgeon for thirty years at St Vincent’s, has memorialised medical staff in the volume, giving details of their extensive studies, skills and services. Dr Coleman is eminently fitted by experience, and also by a capacity for meticulous, painstaking research, to do justice to all who for 150 years strove to give those they served the very best of care. The way Dr Coleman charts changes in every aspect of surgery is equally thorough, with developments in anaesthetics, equipment, and techniques all marching on together.


The book can be purchased at the Little Shop in the foyer of St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, the Clinic shop for $75 inc. GST, or via this link for $90, inc. GST, packaging and postage:


On the evening, guests also heard about the St Vincent’s Curran Foundation’s campaign to raise $9.3 million for the Hospital’s new Emergency Trauma Operating Theatre, which will be equipped with a new piece of equipment called a Mega RAPTOR. This highly specialised machine means that we can perform all the necessary life-saving procedures for our trauma patients in one room.


Our doctors and researchers are always coming up with new and innovative ways to make it easier for surgeons to save lives, and make treatment of emergency trauma patients more effective, more precise and less painful.


If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please donate online at, or call the Foundation on 02 8382 1680 if you would like to discuss how your donations can make a difference.