New Development in Cardiothoracic Research

We are excited to report that St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney is once again at the forefront of cardiothoracic transplantation and heart failure research.

With a legacy that began more than 38 years ago, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Insitute’s collaborative research into innovative transplant technology will transform the lives of heart transplant patients.

With the support of the Federal government through the Medical Research Future Fund, and generous philanthropy from our donors through our Heart Lung Innovation Fund, the team at St Vincent’s and Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute are hoping to deliver the world’s first durable heart.

It is hoped a fully functional artificial heart, developed over the past 20 years, will be trialled at both St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne within the next 12 months.  This will be led by Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute’s Professor Chris Hayward, who is also a cardiologist at St Vincent’s Hospital.

“This really is the holy grail of transplant medicine, and we’re happy to be involved at the pointy end because it hasn’t happened overnight, there’s been a lot of work to get to this point,”

Professor Christopher Hayward

The device is designed to completely replace a human heart, taking in blood and passing it to the lungs to receive oxygen before pushing that blood to the rest of the body.   The potential impact of this development was recently showcased on Channel Nine News and can be found here

The St Vincent’s Hospital Heart and Lung Transplantation program is one of the largest and longest running programs in Australia, with survival rates which exceed that of the international benchmarks. Our vision is to undertake an ambitious program to build the St Vincent’s Heart Lung Vascular Centre for Excellence. We will use our tradition of excellence and innovation to create a new future for treating heart and lung diseases. With your help, our doctors can change how people with heart and lung conditions are cared for across Australia.

To find out more about this important program and how you can support out Heart Lung Innovation Fund and enable innovative cardiothoracic treatment and care at St Vincent’s, please click here.