Cancer affects us all. When we reach 85, one in two men and one in three women will diagnosed with the disease. This is why St Vincent’s remains committed to providing outstanding cancer care to our patients. We do this through continuous research, education and training.

Through a campus wide approach which includes a unified approach across multiple units, St Vincent’s is at the forefront of the delivery of cancer care. We work to provide treatments to cure and eliminate cancer permanently.  We look at preventative treatment to reduce the cancer returning. As well as symptomatic treatments to keep patients feeling as well as possible.  In addition, our genetic counselling and testing to help you plan for the future. Our Caring for Carers service offers an information and support group for people in a caring role through St Vincent’s Hospital and The Kinghorn Centre.

St Vincent’s cancer teams across the state specialise in blood cancer, bone marrow and stem cell transplant services. We also provide cancer genetics services, cancers prevalent in HIV positive patients, head and neck cancer, medical and radiation oncology.

The Foundation is currently supporting this specialist cancer care by raising funds for:

  • New equipment purchases
  • Patient care services
  • Vital Medical research

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Photo: Nelune Rajapakse – Founder NELUNE Foundation

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