St Vincent’s is a national and international leader in cellular therapy and research progress. 40 years ago, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney performed the first bone marrow transplant in Australia. 30 years on our doctors performed another first. This time, with with a haematopoietic stem cell transplant.

That’s why we are working to help establish a new Centre of Excellence in Cellular Therapy at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney.

Cellular Therapy (or cell therapy) is an emerging field of medicine. It uses the patient’s own cells as treatment for a range of conditions and diseases. It holds great promise for how patients will be treated in the future.

The Centre will focus on both malignant and autoimmune diseases, including:

  • stem cell transplant to treat blood cancers such as multiple myeloma, lymphoma and leukaemia
  • severe and chronic immune conditions such as multiple sclerosis and schematic sclerosis

By creating and expanding partnerships, we ensure success for our Cellular Therapy program. Our partnerships include working with national and international research institutes and peak bodies. We also work with philanthropic organisations that align with our programs to improve patient treatments.

We need your help. Your support will ensure the fastest possible translation of medical research and innovation to patient care.  Please give today.

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