Around one million Australians suffer from diabetes. It is a chronic disease that affects the whole body and needs lifetime management.

Because of this, St Vincent’s runs outpatient and inpatient services to support our patients.  It also draws on a range of expert clinicians to do this. It works across a range of areas including podiatry, ophthalmology, psychology, psychiatry and other specialist areas, to offer a holistic approach to care.

The Foundation is aims to help improve the lives of people living with diabetes, it’s prevention and management. We also hope to support the provision of better health outcomes for diabetes patients at St Vincent’s.

We currently need your help to fund the following diabetes projects:

  • An integrated care program that works with local GP practices, homeless health services and asylum seeker centres
  • Equipment and dressings to treat those with foot diseases and infections
  • A new program to help Type 1 Diabetes patients manage insulin, food intake and improve self-management skills

Government grants do not cover the full cost of vital research or care. This is why your support is key to providing immediate and long-term care for our patients.

Please donate today to support these programs and help our patients.

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