Around one million Australians suffer from diabetes. It is a chronic disease that affects the whole body and needs lifetime management.

St Vincent’s provides expert outpatient and inpatient services to support diabetes patients.  It works across a range of areas including podiatry, ophthalmology, psychology, psychiatry and other specialist areas, to offer a holistic approach to care.

The Foundation aims to help improve health outcomes for people living with diabetes, through support for prevention and management.

We currently need your help to fund the following diabetes projects:

  • Pioneering medical research to explore:
    • A diabetes heart disease calculator
    • Cardiometabolic effects of diabetes
    • Diabetes Type I and Type II (“double diabetes”)
    • Diabetes induced retinal-disease
  • A new regional and remote mobile diabetes clinic to expand access to St Vincent’s’ world-class diabetes services across NSW for people who cannot easily receive care.
  • A diabetes psychologist to provide specialised support for people living with the condition.
  • A diabetes unit equipment fund to ensure the service offers the most innovative technological solutions. Current needs include a mobile retinal camera, a bariatric patient chair, an MRI bone density assessment tool and a non-invasive sensor mat.
  • A major digital information and education portal, providing a comprehensive resource for diabetes treatment, services and research at St Vincent’s.


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