St Vincent’s Drug and Alcohol Service supports individuals, families and communities impacted by addiction. Our service promotes well-being and reduces harm resulting from the use of alcohol and drugs.

So St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney offers telephone and face-to-face services. Importantly, our Alcohol and Drug Information Service provides targeted care and treatment information to those in need.

  • Gorman Unit is a specialist ward that cares for patients with a drug and alcohol addiction. This newly refurbished 20-bed residential medical unit will support patients through withdrawal and addiction management, social support and post discharge planning.
  • Rankin Court provides treatment for opiate dependence by reducing or eliminating the use. Our services include drug assessment, daily supervised dosing of medathone, mental health care and support and community support.
  • Telephone helplines support patients around the state with opioid, stimulant and cannabis addictions. The helplines are run by St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and provide information, referrals and advice.

In particular, it is these services that are important in reducing harm from withdrawal. Similarly, they provide management programs for patients living with addiction.

Therefore, we need your donation to support our Drug and Alcohol Service.  Moreover,  your donation will supplement the existing government funding that will in turn offer more services to a greater number of patients in need, around the clock.

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