The Endoscopy Department at St Vincent’s has seen an increase in Gastrointestinal cancer. This affects our gut, bowels and other organs that help us digest food. It is Australia’s second most deadly cancer. The good news is that 90% of patients can be treated successfully if their cancer is detected early.

With your help, we have undertaken a complete redevelopment of our Endoscopy Suites at St Vincent’s Public Sydney. We are now raising money to equip the suites with the “gutsiest” equipment.

Can you help us raise $190,000 to obtain the new Advanced Endoscopy Imaging System?

St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney prides itself on providing outstanding cancer care to all our patients.

This new precise and powerful equipment will provide our doctors with real-time pictures of what is happening in the patients body. It can help detect precancerous cells and early stage cancers. In many cases, even before patients develop symptoms. More importantly, early detection allows for effective endoscopic treatment of early cancer. Therefore avoiding the need for invasive surgery which provides better patients outcomes.

Because the difference between life and death could be the early detection and treatment of even the smallest cancerous cells.

Please donate today to give our patients the best chance of survival and recovery.

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