One in six Australians suffer from cardiovascular disease, while one in ten of us suffer from lung disease. Our doctors and nurses at St Vincent’s are committed to keeping hearts beating and lungs breathing. They do this by developing innovative surgical procedures and conducting ground-breaking medical research to help patients live long and healthy lives.

But there’s a catch. There’s no government funding to trial these new innovative and life-saving procedures. So that’s why the Foundation established the $15 million St Vincent’s Heart Lung Innovation Fund to support these crucial procedures.

The Heart Lung Innovation Fund supports:

  • “Heart and Lungs in the Box” – a donor care system developed by researchers at St Vincent’s and abroad. This device brings donor hearts and lungs back to life after they have stopped beating or breathing. This is set to increase the number of heart and lung transplants by up to 30%. Each time the “Box” is used all the consumables inside need to be replaced, costing $50,000.
  • Pioneering procedures – the first time in Australia that a leaking heart valve was replaced while the heart was still beating, or the first time in Australia that a miniature heart assistance device was implanted to help a heart continue pumping.

 Take a watch to see how your donations can help:


Donate today to the Heart Lung Innovation Fund and help support cardiothoracic innovation at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney stay at the forefront of Heart and Lung technology.