Thanks to treatment advances, HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence. Instead it’s a manageable chronic condition for most of the 25,000 Australians who live with the disease.

St Vincent’s has a long and proud history of being at the forefront of HIV/AIDS care opening the first AIDS Ward in Australia to care for patients living with AIDS.  We celebrate the 35th year anniversary of Ward 17 South this year.

Our HIV Future Fund provides antiretroviral therapies and essential services to poor and marginalised HIV positive patients.

This $1 million fund will support HIV positive marginalised patients through:

  • Universal treatment – ensuring everyone has access to HIV treatment, including those who are not eligible for Medicare.
  • Stanford House – funding the refurbishment of a short-term residential service for HIV positive homeless people at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney.
  • Medical research – investigating the impact of HIV on the body as it ages and other associated conditions.
  • Dysplasia and Anal Cancer Services – expanding much needed services for the only anal cancer screening clinic on Australia’s east coast.

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See how community support has changed HIV/AIDS care over the last 35 years:

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