St Vincent’s mission to care for the poor and marginalised drives much of our Homeless Health work today.  Located in inner Sydney, St Vincent’s Hospital provides a number of services to help our homeless community. Many of these people do not otherwise access healthcare or support services. Therefore these services are essential.

Some of the key services offered by the Hospital include:

  • Homeless Outreach – providing assessment, treatment, referral and care coordination to people sleeping rough via inner-Sydney clinics and drop-in services. This community-based care model reduces the escalation of chronic health conditions, and therefore hospital admissions. .
  • Stanford House – a short-term accommodation service at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney. This service offers care to homeless HIV positive patients, while doctors address their other chronic physical, drug, alcohol and mental health conditions.
  • Tierney House – a short-term residential unit at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney. This service allows homeless people to recover in a safe environment after a hospital admission. While there, doctors stabilise chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes or mental illness.

Funds are needed to continue to support these essential services and provide round the clock care to those in need. Your support can help to deliver essential healthcare to everyone in need.

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