The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney cares for patients in a critical condition. Many of these patients have suffered a serious illness or have undergone major surgery. The ICU is a highly specialised environment.  For that reason, doctors, nurses and allied health staff work together to provide care to these patients. The team is led by a group of specialist doctors, known as intensivists. Together, they address every aspect of the patient’s needs. The team also provides support to patient’s families and loved ones. They do this during an extremely difficult time. In Intensive Care, our patient to nurse ratio is 1:1

Our patients frequently require machines to support their lungs, heart and kidneys. They also have multiple specific medications. Therefore, require very close monitoring.

St Vincent’s Curran Foundation raised $3.2 million to provide upgrades to facilities in the Intensive Care Unit. These funds enabled the purchase of new equipment. Some of this equipment included dialysis machines, critical care beds, state-of-the-art monitors and new ventilators.

Up to date innovation and technology is necessary for maintaining high quality health care. Please help us to provide St Vincent’s patients with the very best care possible. Your support is vital. Please donate today.

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