The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney cares for patients in a critical condition. Specialist doctors, nurses and allied health staff work together to provide exceptional care to patients and their families during an extremely difficult time.

Patients in the 20 bed ward require close monitoring and often rely on a number of highly specialised machines to support their lungs, hearts and kidneys to give them the best chance at recovery.

The ICU now needs new life-saving equipment to continue providing exceptional care to our critically ill patients.  The St Vincent’s Curran Foundation has launched a $3.2 million fundraising campaign to raise funds for:

  • 6 x dialysis machines to remove toxins from the body and ensure the right balance of fluids in critically ill patients.
  • 20 x critical care beds to help our ICU nurses to enable nurses to move patients more easily to assist with recovery and reduce stays in the Unit 
  • 21 x state of the art patient monitors which are essential in quickly identifying a patient’s condition 
  • 21 x ventilators to keep our critically ill patients breathing

Please donate today and help us reach our $3.2 million fundraising goal to buy this new essential equipment and help save lives today.


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