St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney (SVHS) has been delivering mental health care and support services to the community since 1868. Because of this, the Hospital continues to lead in results-driven mental health services today.

For example our early intervention programs, inpatient services and outreach community services are essential in ensuring the needs of our local community are met. Moreover, today we use digital, online and telephone outreach programs. St Vincent’s mental health services are no longer confined to Darlinghurst because we are now able to reach patients across New South Wales and Australia.

By and large, Australia is facing high levels of urban social disadvantage including homelessness, mental illness, substance use and other complex general health needs.

Fundamental to Our Future

Because of this St Vincent’s Curran Foundation is seeking funding for a new campaign to support a new Urban Mental Health Hub. Services include:

  • The Safe Haven Café (SHC) –  providing respectful care services to people seeking support. It will be an after-hours drop in (evenings and weekends), on-campus at the Green Park at St Vincent’s Darlinghurst site. It will provide a safe alternative to the emergency department. This will assist adults experiencing loneliness, personal difficulties, or simply seeking social connection.

The Safe Haven Café provides care through clinician and peer worker partnership. Emerging digital health plans are used to support the well-being and health of the community. The Café has been  built with a sensory modulation space. This design supports people facing distress and who want to learn new set of skills to manage their experiences which do not rely on medication.

  • Urban Health Hub – also located at the Green Park at St Vincent’s site, the Urban Health Hub recognises our community in need of mental health services. Those communities include high risk groups including; LGBTQI people, people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people aged 15-44 where suicide is the leading cause of death, women vulnerable to homelessness, domestic violence and abuse, homeless people, those with substance use and mental health issues.  It will provide:
    • Better access and care to a range of services;
    • Growing our current outpatient services;
    • Improvements in digital health navigation;
    • Well-being and mindfulness groups;
    • Access to therapeutic programs;
    • Peer led and delivered services and support;

Want to know more?

St Vincent Curran Foundation seeks funds for:

  • Caritas – a public in-patient High Dependency Unit for Mental Health and Addictions
  • Uspace – a private in-patient service for 16 to 30 year old’s with severe and emerging problems
  • CRUfAD – Clinical Research for Anxiety and Depression
  • This Way Up – providing online treatment programs, education and research in anxiety and depressive disorders.

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