Local residents experience some of the country’s highest levels of urban social disadvantage. This is characterised by homelessness, chronic mental illness, substance misuse and other complex general health needs.

St Vincent’s proudly provides a comprehensive range of services and interventions to care for these patients in need. Services include:

  • The Centre for Family Based Mental Health Care – an initiative developing new family and community based models of care, led by a newly appointed Professor of Mental Health Care.
  • Uspace – a private inpatient and outpatient service for 16 to 30 year olds with severe and emerging mental health problems.
  • Caritas Mental Health Unit – providing round-the-clock care to patients experiencing acute episodes of illness.

Fundamental to our Future – Our Mental Health Fundraising Campaign

We urgently need your help to upgrade and refurbish our mental health facilities, as well as developing new programs for patients.  We have recently launched our Fundamental to our Future campaign for these services at St Vincent’s.  With your support we will be able to help the most vulnerable members in our society.

With your help we can build the State’s first Prevention and Recovery Centre. This short to medium term residential support service will support people with a mental illness.  Sometimes people with these illnesses need this additional care to help them get through a difficult patch.  It will also help people who might not be unwell enough for a hospital admission yet still need support.  We need more than $5.5 million to establish a 10 to 12 bed ward near the St Vincent’s Darlinghurst Campus.

Watch this video below to see how your donations can help.

Please donate today to help our clinicians continue to deliver the best care.

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