St Vincent’s Private Community Hospital Griffith

Overwhelming local community support helped open St Vincent’s Private Community Hospital Griffith in 2016. The Hospital provides residents of the Murrumbidgee region a 20-bed private hospital with specialist inpatient services. Importantly, this facility means many will no longer need to travel long distances for specialist medical care. This ultimately means reduced travel costs and family separation.

The hospital also houses the Baiada Murrumbidgee Clinical Teaching and Learning Centre which aims to foster growth and development of the next generation of medical staff in the region. This facility also provides ongoing learning and support to doctors, nurses, staff and students already working at the hospital to continue their training and education.

St Vincent’s Private Community Hospital Griffith requires ongoing funding to support the needs of our staff and patients. By supporting the hospital you can help us to purchase much-needed equipment, provide ongoing training and development for staff and help us to continue providing excellent care to all patients. Please consider donating today to support specialist care in the Murrumbidgee region.

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