A simple heartbeat can never be taken for granted

Support St Vincent’s Heart Lung Clinic to keep hearts beating

In life, we often take our health for granted, assuming that tomorrow will be just like today. But the truth is, our health can change in an instant.

This reality struck home for Ilana Paull when she was diagnosed with an inflammation of the heart and was rushed to St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney with symptoms of heart failure.

Heart disease remains the number one cause of death in Australia. That’s why we urgently need dedicated, world class facilities to support patients with a wide range of heart conditions.

Help fund the final stages of the redevelopment of the new Heart Lung Clinic at St Vincent’s Hospital so we can deliver world-class care to people like Ilana.

“I went on a big hike from Leura to Katoomba with my mum and I noticed I felt really puffed and out of breath but I just soldiered on. I told my mum I just didn’t feel good and she said she noticed that I hadn’t been keeping up with her”.

After being diagnosed at a local hospital, Ilana was rushed to St Vincent’s by ambulance.

“It was 1 am at St Vincent’s when my blood pressure suddenly dropped and I suffered a cardiac arrest. I ended up leaving this world for seven minutes. It took them five shocks with the defibrillator to bring me back to life”.

The Heart Lung Clinic provides personalised ongoing care for people like Ilana who are living with chronic heart conditions along with hundreds of heart and lung transplant patients.

Make a donation today to help us raise $250,000 to finish the redevelopment of the Heart Lung Clinic.

A critical piece of equipment we need is a new generation cardiac monitoring system. These machines allow us to monitor heart rhythms and blood pressure of patients. It can be truly lifesaving as it immediately alerts doctors and nurses when there is an emergency.

This year we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first successful heart transplant on 14-year-old Fiona Coote AM by renowned cardiologist Dr Victor Chang AC in 1984. As we mark this important milestone, it is vital we continue investing in the best facilities and technology.

With your generous donation you can help us keep hearts beating and save lives for many years to come.