The Foundation For The Future

It is 161 years since the indomitable Sisters of Charity established St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney.

Their solemn vow to care for all, regardless of wealth or station in life, continues to be the driving force behind the hospital they created.

Today, the founding Sisters would barely recognise the modern, sophisticated, world-class hospital St Vincent’s has become.

Across many disciplines – heart and lung treatments, cancer, homeless health, mental health and immunology, to name a few – St Vincent’s is a renowned leader in medical care and research.

So much of the hospital’s life-changing and life-saving work is made possible by the longstanding generosity of the Curran family and the St Vincent’s Curran Foundation.

It all started over 30 years ago. The late Paul and Elizabeth Curran were determined to ensure the mission started by the Sisters of Charity continued on. The Foundation they established to achieve this has succeeded and grown to become one of the most significant philanthropic initiatives in Australia.

Today, many thousands of patients, especially the disadvantaged and those in greatest need, receive specialised and advanced care thanks to the Foundation and all those who so generously support it.

On behalf of all Australians we extend our gratitude to the Curran family. Their personal commitment, and the contribution of those who support the Foundation, show that we are a society that cares and that we believe in looking after each other, especially those doing it tough.

The principles of compassion, justice, integrity and excellence that guided the Sisters of Charity live on with us, through the work of the Foundation.

Long may this continue!

Please take your time to read our publication – St Vincent’s Curran Foundation: The Foundation for the Future